Our Model

How we work

Community Engagement

Engaging leaders and influencers to improve the hygiene, sanitation, and healthy behaviors of the communities they serve.

Youth Clubs

Developing students into champions and ambassadors of health and hygiene who influence the health of those around them.

Emergency Plans & Simulation Exercises

Developing emergency systems and structures and conducting simulation exercises to test preparedness for outbreaks and other public health

Public Health Policy

Supporting federal and state governments to develop and review evidence-based health policies, strategies, and guidelines.

Education and Training Courses

Equipping health workers to reduce the spread of infections, prevent and detect outbreaks, and deliver safe, quality healthcare.

Public Health Advocacy

Raising awareness and promoting changes to advance the health of individuals and communities across the country.

Our Model

We build health champions and ambassadors to work alongside us as we strengthen Nigeria’s health system together.

Bottom Up Approach

We design curricula, train, and equip students, health workers, community leaders, and border health/security officials on proper hygiene and sanitation practices, preventing  infections, and detecting and managing public health emergencies.

Top Down Approach

We support the government to create, review and adopt evidence-based health policies, plans and strategies to strengthen the health system.