Our Impact

Our core model, which is reflected across all that we do, is to invest in building health champions who work alongside us as we strengthen Nigeria’s health system together at every level. From cultural and religious leaders in communities and youth influencers in schools, to health workers in hospitals and decision-makers in government – we train and support people across Nigeria to stay healthy and safe. It is an inclusive, people-centered approach to preventing illness, improving healthy behaviors, and building a safer, healthier country.

Health Champions
States in Nigeria
Policies and Guidelines

We believe this is the most effective and sustainable way to achieve the change we desire to see, and our programs and interventions continue to show us the impact of this approach. Through our work and capacity building programs we have reached over 53,000 health champions. These include:


Total number of beneficiaries engaged through our capacity building programs


Clinical and non clinical health workers who play a critical role at every level of the health system and need to be prepared for, equipped and skilled in reducing the spread of infections and delivering quality care


Border health and security officials have received training and support on systems and structures to help them prevent and prepare for outbreaks and other public health emergencies


Teachers and school administrators trained to ensure that students are safe and healthy, to prevent the spread of illnesses in the school community, to promote overall wellness, and maintain a healthy learning environment



Community leaders have received the knowledge and support they need to influence people in the communities they serve to improve their health and prevent disease outbreaks


Students are taking charge of their health and serving as champions of health and hygiene, in their homes, schools and communities


Nigerian states reached through our work on antimicrobial resistance, infection prevention and control, health security, and community health and hygiene



Through our public health initiatives and partnerships, we have extended our reach to various communities in 10 countries across the globe




Items of personal protective equipment (PPE) distributed to protect health workers from exposure to infectious diseases while they care for patients, to prevent the transmission of diseases from health workers to patients, and to reduce the risk of contaminating the environment with infectious diseases