#ItStartsWithMe Campaign

DRASA’s #ItStartsWithMe Campaign was an initiative to educate communities on the importance of good personal hygiene and environmental sanitation as a means to maintaining health and preventing the spread of infectious diseases

From 2015 – 2016, more than 100 volunteers including Nigerian celebrities, private sector companies, and young professionals across various industries donated more than 500 hours of their time to our #ItStartsWithMe Campaign. A major component of the Campaign was our School Outreach through which we were able to:

  • Engage 21 schools across Lagos state, representing almost 10,000 students and 650 staff
  • Distribute more than 70,000 bars of soap, 10,000 roll-on deodorants, and 6,000 tubes of lotion to students and staff (donated by Unilever Nigeria)
  • Distribute 900 bottles of handwash (donated by Kleanmate)

The campaign has ended and evolved into our Youth Ambassador and Community Health Programs, which are ongoing.

Pictures from our School Outreach Campaign. Click the image to learn more:

Pictures of clean/soapy hands from the launch of the Campaign: