Feb 18
Jan 04

Strengthening Nigeria’s Health Security: DRASA, EU, and UNDP Nigeria Unite to Build National Capacity for Pandemic Modeling

“There is nothing mysterious about what we need to do. The only real question is if we’ll do it fast enough.” — Tom Frieden. Former Director, U.S. Center for Disease Control Imagine having the power to predict the spread of diseases and implement strategies to protect our communities. Diseases do not take a... read more →
Dec 03
Nov 29

Brushing Off Supergerms: A Colorful Recap of DRASA’s World AMR Awareness Week 2023

In the fight against the silent pandemic of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), we once again took center stage during the 2023 World AMR Awareness Week (WAAW). With a commitment to raising awareness and fostering cross-sectoral collaboration, we organized a series of engaging events including an Inter-School Art Competition and Talent Showcase... read more →
Nov 10

DRASA Radio Half Hour: Navigating the World of Infection Prevention Through Handwashing

Handwashing remains a cornerstone in breaking the chain of the spread of infectious diseases. As such, at DRASA we are on a mission to develop more health and hygiene champions who will help build and contribute to healthier communities through clean hands and other important prevention practices. This is why... read more →
Oct 20

Clean Hands, Full Hearts: Empowering Orphanages Through A Handwashing Education Campaign

For the 2023 Global Handwashing Day with the campaign theme “Clean hands are within reach,” we decided to take our handwashing campaign to two orphanages in Lagos, to teach hand washing and hygiene to 70 children and orphanage caregivers.  On the 14th of October, our team members geared up to spread the... read more →
Sep 24

Engaging Patients for Patient Safety: DRASA Commemorates World Patient Safety Day with Ministry and Partners

  “When patients are passive in their own care, there will be unabated mistakes in the care they receive. This is why we need the feedback from patients for continuous quality improvement and better care.” — Prof. Isemede Abuja Nigeria. September 14th-18th: In the bustling heart of Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria,... read more →
May 30

Building a Healthier Future Through School-Based Health and Hygiene Clubs: Lessons from Stakeholders’ Visit

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate” —Anonymous There is something to be said for having others review your work and provide their own unique perspective as you seek to ensure you are meeting global standards and enhancing your impact in the communities you serve. That is... read more →
May 20
Apr 20

Our DRASA Ambassadors Share Lessons Learned About Antimicrobial Resistance

“Antimicrobial Resistance is a silent pandemic that is spreading faster than we anticipated but education is key to ensuring that everyone understands the risk, and takes steps to protect themselves and others” – Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization According to the United Nations Environment Programme,... read more →